Theia invests in companies building the Internet Financial System, a global financial system based on cryptography that anybody can access from a phone or laptop.

We believe the Internet Financial System will slowly — and then suddenly — take share from the existing global financial system through innovation, transparency, and cost reduction. The financial system represents one of the largest addressable markets in the world. We believe our industry is building a system that is better, faster, global in scope and broader in its capabilities.

We rely on traditional principles of honest and diligent long-term investment. We seek to buy mispriced exposure to great teams building innovative projects in large and exciting markets.

We believe that good business is done through long-term partnerships and understand that our reputation is our firm’s most valuable asset. We know that valuation comes from the discounted value of future cash flows and that investors can position themselves to find good assets at attractive valuations through hard work and focus. Most importantly, we are convinced that liquid investors should work hard to support their portfolio companies. We attempt to help our companies by taking a hands-on approach to token structuring, mechanism design, recruiting, go-to-market, business development and regulatory strategy.